The Odd Couple, Female Version
A comedy

by Neil Simon

Directed by Joycie Brantley & Laura Toops

 Auditions to be held at Beatniks On Conkey, 420 Conkey Street, Hammond, IN


Sunday February 6, 2022, 5PM
Monday February 7, 7PM

Performance Dates:
April 1,2,3,8,9,10 2022
Fridays-Saturdays 7:30PM
Sundays 2PM


The Odd Couple, Female Version, is about two friends Olive Madison and Florence Unger, whose friendship is tested. During the friends' weekly trivial pursuit in Olive's messy home, neurotic Florence arrives late, fresh from being dumped by her husband. The group of friends becomes worried that Florence may attempt suicide. As a result, Olive invites Florence to be her roommate. It seems like the roommate idea is a good idea until Olive organizes a double-date with the Costazuela brothers. They quickly realize that their opposite personalities put their friendship to the test, and tension rises quickly

Casting Needs:

 6 Women, 2 Men  All actors must be vaccinated

ANY ETHNICITY but must be able to play 30 years of age and up

Olive Madison
She's educated and buffoonish, with a great sense of humor, but she's a slob. She knows all there is to know about sports but is a total pushover for her ex-husband and is a great friend.

Florence Unger
Florence is attractive but takes herself seriously, a neat freak, and loves decorating, and she is clever, warm-hearted but lacks a sense of humor. She also recently and unwillingly separated from her husband.

Sylvie is married and enjoys chewing gum, and she has a good sense of humor but can get irritated with her friends.

Mickey is a cop who sometimes goes too far in her duty as a cop by attempting to be in control of things constantly. She is a down-to-earth person who is blunt and has a good understanding of others.

Renee is Sylvie's single best friend who can be very plain-spoken.

Vera, the other married friend, is kind, pleasant, and a little spacey but has a great sense of humor but is unaware of it.

Manolo Costazuela, (Spanish accent required)
Manolo is handsome, very well-groomed, and he is every woman's dream date. Yet he is sensitive and can get very emotional.

Jesus Costazuela, (Spanish accent required)
Jesus is Manolo's younger brother, who is likewise extremely attractive, well-groomed, has perfect posture, is passionate, and can get emotional.

Nothing needs to be prepared. Auditions will include readings from the script. Please be prepared to list all conflicts on audition form.

For further information contact the director:
 Joycie 7084005376 Joyciebrantley@gmail.com

Performances at Beatniks On Conkey
420 Conkey St. Hammond, IN         2 blocks east of Hohman Avenue.  
call 219-852-0848 for reservations or more information
Seating is limited. Reservations strongly suggested.

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