by Neil Simon

directed by Andy Leahy

Auditions and Performances to be held at Beatniks On Conkey, 420 Conkey Street, Hammond, IN

Audition Dates:

Sunday December 8 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Monday December 9 7:00  - 10:00 PM

Performance Dates:

February 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16, 2020

Story Synopsis:

George and Jennie are in love, utterly perfect for each other, and are getting married. There are just a few problems: 1) They’ve only been dating for two weeks. 2) George’s beloved wife of twelve years just passed away. 3) Jennie has just gone through five years of counseling which culminated in a messy divorce. George’s brother, Leo, and Jennie’s friend, Faye, don’t have it any easier. Both of their marriages are in trouble, they’re worried about George and Jennie getting married too quickly, and the two of them are thinking about having an affair with each other. Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical Chapter Two examines what it means to truly love someone else, and asks whether finding a soulmate can happen more than once in a lifetime.

Cast of Characters
George Schneider – early 40’s
Leo Schneider – late 30’s
Jennie Malone – early 30’s
Faye Medwick – early to late 30’s

Nothing needs to be prepared. Auditions will include readings from the script.

Contact the director Any Leahy at:

Auditions will be held at Beatniks On Conkey, 420 Conkey Street, Hammond, IN.
Performances at Beatniks On Conkey
420 Conkey St. Hammond, IN         2 blocks east of Hohman Avenue.

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